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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Sep 2016

young adventuress | Australian Travel Blogger

Young Adventuress was started by Liz Carlson, a Virginia-native and therefore a travel blogger with all the pizazz and spunk of a Southern girl from the U.S. She started her adventures with a study abroad trip to Spain and has not quit travelling since, making a move to New Zealand once she started getting paid for her travels.

The key difference between Young Adventuress and other travel blogs is Liz’s complete honesty in her posts. “How to get paid to travel the world” discusses how she began travel blogging and has managed to make over $3,000 per month from the blog. Outside of the stellar advice, Young Adventuress has so much content it is hard to decide where to explore first. With destination information on every continent but Antarctica, thousands of articles are at your disposal and have the honest truth about what it is like to travel in those locations. Young Adventuress also talks about making it big on social media platforms like Instagram and includes several photo essays, such as “An Alpaca Photo Essay,” on the blog.

The writing style, beautiful pictures, and useful information make Young Adventuress a must-read travel blog. You will feel like Liz is talking directly to you in her posts; this travel blog is enough to excite anyone’s wanderlust.


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