Wanderlust Chronicles

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Apr 2018

Wanderlust Chronicles - Australian travel bloggers

Australian bloggers Leesa and Kate are two twenty somethings from Brisbane (Queensland) chasing that wanderlust dream. They focus on the luxurious side of life and love getting caught off the beaten track. Currently these two travellers are spending a year in Europe on a one-way ticket and making every moment ‘instaworthy’.

With bright and bold colours, the best part of their blog is their personalised postcards. Sending some wanderlust love all over the world. ‘Wanderlust Chronicles’ really focus their blog on sharing the best tips, local phrases and for fellow bloggers out there, some really handy advice on how to blog. As a pair of friends, they share some great insight to travelling with groups of people and how to survive. With now over 5 years of travel behind them, Leesa and Kate at ‘Wanderlust Chronicles’ are ready to share the luxurious way to travel.

Travel Blog Website: wanderlustchronicles.com.au

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