Wandering Welsh Girl

Author: | Last Updated: 18 Jul 2019

Louise is the creator of Wandering Welsh Girl. She has been living a fully nomadic lifestyle since 2009 after she moved to Canada to become a snowboard instructor. In 2013 Louise took the big step to become an overland adventure tour leader and driver. In this role she has guided passengers on expeditions all around the world from Mongolia to Patagonia.

In the Summer of 2019 she has taken some down time to start a travel blog and share her stories and knowledge with others. The blog focusses on off the beaten track destinations, with an emphasis on photography and hiking.

After being mostly UK based for the Summer, Louise is planning to get back on the adventurous path in October, embarking on a trekking trip to Pakistan and Nepal. Then it’s back to work for winter as she leads a 3 month tour of India.

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