Wandering Educators

Author: | Last Updated: 1 Jun 2019

‘Wandering Educators’ is a fantastic blog written by an American couple from Michigan named Dr. Jessie Voigts and Ed Forteau. It was founded in 2007 and aims to be a large travel library for anyone who is curious about traveling the world. Choosing to live like locals, instead of stopping in many places in a short amount of time, they see a side of most countries that many never see. They often have writers that are featured to share their views on travel from an educators standpoint.

Recently, a woman named Stacey Ebert wrote a post about how she has been traveling from the West of the United States to the East. She adapted her post to view it from an educators standpoint by focusing on the elements. As an educator myself, it is a unique view that reminds us that nature will always reign supreme — in life and in travel.

Travel Blog: wanderingeducators.com

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