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Author: | Last Updated: 3 Sep 2016

Vicki Flip Flop Travels | Travel Blog

Vicky Flip Flop Travels came into existence after travel content writer Vicky’s world turned on its head in 2013 after the end of a 5-year relationship with her boyfriend. From the experience, she grew and began to take control of her life’s direction. The travel blog became a place to both discover herself and to share her experiences and advice with others.

Coined a “hot mess” by various friends she has met along the way, her blog, Vicky Flip Flop Travels, is anything but. The blog gives her unique twist on various destinations, with posts like “Where to find wifi in Hua Hin” and “I was picked up by a cop in Memphis.” An entire section is devoted to festivals around the world—one of Vicky’s favorite pastimes. Posts discuss every sort of festival: food, film, fashion, music, and even Day of the Dead.

Like many others, Vicky Flip Flop Travels also divines how to start a travel blog (and keep it going!) in its “Blogging Tips” section. Any traveller looking for a fun read must make a stop at Vicky Flip Flop Travels. Her captivating writing style keeps you engrossed while imparting valuable insights on all-things festivals and solo travel.

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