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Viajes Rock y Fotos | Travel Blog

José Ramón Álvaro Gonzales is a buoyant Spanish journalist, travel blogger, novice father and photographer responsible of the “VRyF: viajes, rock y fotos” travel blog, that in general terms is aimed to sponsor the music tourism and cultural events throughout the world with some deviations here and there, everything enhanced with well done photographs.

He has popped in Egypt, Tunisia, USA, Petra, Iran, China, Vietnam, India, Jordan, Cambodia, Portugal, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, France, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Austria, Germany, Belgium Malta and last but not least, New Zealand.

In the thick of a lively scope of travel guides, festival reports, some music genre history and concert stories, there are spotlights such as “how to do trekking for urbanites”, “9 tips for enjoying the most colourful Czech republic festival”, “advice on how to arrange an impromptu travel” with a bonus for travelling with kids and “how to survive a summer concert”, he offers a couple of photographic galleries from Belgium to Switzerland, an assortment of 5 minute long podcasts under the name “el viajante”, book reviews, a playlist for travel sake, interviews to lush personalities and an excerpt of travel drawings done in mixed media by his wife: Maria Bertrand.

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