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Viajando Por Ahí | Travel Blog

Viajando Por Ahí is one of a kind travel blog created by the celebrated Aniko Villalba, an Argentinean writer, voyager, photographer, collector, reader, self publisher as well as owner of the creative writing blog: “”. Born in Buenos Aires, she has been traveling around the globe since 2008.

Her journey list include destinations such as Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Equator, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Sweden, Germany, Zech Republic, Islandia, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Filipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and more recently Japan.

To describe her blog would be like trying to describe someone else’s travel diary, as it is very detailed and very personal, packed with memories and first impressions. You can tell she is a gifted writer and a skilled photographer as the entries are composed in a welcoming literary style adorned with astonishing photos that makes you feel like you are talking with an old friend while experiencing the country’s atmosphere through her eyes. The content is conformed by photo galleries, Travel guides, life guides, a section about the dark side of travels named “side B” with features like “fear of flights and what she does to overcome it” & “travel guide for humans”, tips and info, F.A.Q. with lots of motivation and advice, a themed series of travel stories where a few highlights are “ten places in ten words” and “Asia from A to Z”, as well as an online store where you can find her books.

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