Undercover Travel Agent

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Jul 2019

Undercover Travel Agent was created by Laura in 2018 as a method to share expert travel tips and advice with the public. Laura is a full time Travel Agent and Travel Blogger living in the Chicago Area. She realized her love for traveling while studying abroad in college. After teaching Spanish in Houston, and traveling with student groups, she moved to Chicago and plunged head first into the Travel Industry. She currently lives with her husband, Nick, and their dog, Buster, who frequently travels with them.

Laura wants to share her expertise with you. She targets readers looking for an “experience” and great value. Readers not necessarily looking for the cheapest way to do things, but the “right” way to do things. Laura writes about a variety of topics from ways to save time and money to the ideal time to visit destinations. She writes in a simple style designed to disseminate information easily and quickly. Get advice from Laura on her “Ask An Agent” page.


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