Two Travelling Toques

Author: | Last Updated: 8 Jun 2019

We are Jerry and Kimberley the couple behind two travelling toques. Maybe because we grew up in Canada with such long winters, we developed a love for travel.

When our kids were younger we took them to Cuba, Dominican Republic, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Always trying to escape the cold. Now that our kids are grown and have lives of their own, we’ve reassessed what we want to do with ours. And travel was our number one priority.

I’ve been following other travel bloggers for years. Long before the term travel blogger even existed. A couple years ago I read an article called “How To Start Your Own Travel Blog”. I thought “that looks like something right up my alley”. Hence two travelling toques was born.

Being over 50 now, our blog is geared more towards other boomers. We plan to focus on offering ideas and suggestions on budget friendly places to retire. Plus other amazing places we’ve visited along the way.

Our favourite place we’ve been to so far is Ireland. The friendly people, ancient ruins, and gorgeous scenery won us over our first time there. We prefer to travel to non touristy places, meeting with the locals, and have a good chat about life in their country.

We just love being a part of the travel blog community and meeting others with a kindred spirit. We feel like we’ve finally found our people!

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