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Author: | Last Updated: 5 Sep 2016

Two Monkeys Travel Group | Travel Blog

Two Monkeys Travel Group was actually founded by a duo, Kach and Jonathan, who have devoted their lives (since 2013) to imparting wisdom on sustaining a life of travel. Now working with a group of over 20 writers, the blog continues to grow and morph into a massive resource for sustainable travel. From the homepage, you can see that DIY travel and long-term travel inspiration is key to what makes this travel blog tick.

A broad spectrum of topics covered include the best of backpacker hostels, travel app reviews, food and city guides, and travel blogging tips. But the ultimate find on Two Monkeys Travel Group is its DIY Travel Guide Series, This collection of varied itineraries from around the world hits on amazingly specific tips for each place.

Not only does the blog have wonderful resources for planning your own holiday, Two Monkeys also has several services to help travellers get started. These services include: Travel Coaching, DIY Itinerary Planning, and Freelance Work. You can make an appointment on the website and soon be on your way to incredible adventures. Two Monkeys Travel Group is an epic place to begin planning any DIY trip; plus, the gorgeous photography scattered throughout the posts is enough to give anyone wanderlust.

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