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Trav Monkey - English travel bloggers

Starting out as an ‘experiment’ in 2006, is the mouthpiece for English travel blogger, Paul Dow. A self-confessed travel addict, Paul initially created the blog to document his nomadic ways, leaving behind a 9-to-5 job in search of adventure, all the while pinpointing – and sampling – the best of what the world has to offer. Now back living in the UK, the blog has evolved into an all-encompassing showcase of his continuing travels along with his day-to-day escapades in London.

Almost never without his trusty Canon DSLR, TravMonkey is an inspiring mix of travel and photography articles with a smattering of guest posts thrown in for good measure. As a London native himself, Paul’s posts on the capital offer up an insightful view of the city from a local, such as the ‘Craft Beer Pub Crawl In East London (Bethnal Green)’, a guide to the latest craze of micro-breweries and their wares. His love of travelling is clear to see throughout the blog, with posts handily separated into country specific sub-sections.

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