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Traviajar is one of the first “digital nomad lifestyle” focused travel blogs to be known, conceived by the outgoing Colombian Diana Garcés. She’s been doing remote work outside Colombia since 2009, managing to find a way between pleasure and duty while traveling. In 2013 she decided to leave her work to focus on activities that would help her to improve as a better human being, including her career that was also done remotely.

Diana has written a wide assortment of handy and appealing guides that goes from the foreseen to the unexpected as real life affairs of the modern nomad are examined in a very practical, inspiring and honest way. Dealing with subjects like “5 things that a sexually active woman carries in her backpack” and “the expense rates of living in a foreign country” series as one of the most interesting as she gives insight about the environment, weather, safety, public services, communications, transportation, lodging, nourishment and social life costs of the specific regions where she has been living, nevertheless.

Some other catching advice she grants is about how to outset “the digital nomad” lifestyle with “9 tips to achieve a productive travel”, “resources to become a digital nomad”. The method behind this involves marketing and promoting your own blog as well as capturing the emails of your visitors, but if blogging is not your cup of tea, there are plenty more options to fit all tastes indexed on the entry “how to make a living on the internet”.

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