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Author: | Last Updated: 6 Jul 2016

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Admit it, sometimes in the midst of that seemingly never-ending forty hour work week there is a fledgling feeling of leaving it all behind and traveling the world. It may start at the water-cooler, or after your boss saunters away from your desk, unloading an endless stack of paperwork that you can be sure to “finish over the weekend”. When those Monday blues seem to deepen in hue, or the Wednesday hump seems more like a hill suitable for Sisyphus, the greatest relief is to visualize your epic escape. But what if you actually did it?

That is exactly what Adam did in 2010, quitting his job as a book designer in Boston, MA to begin an epic travel blogger journey that would change his life forever. It all started with a short weekend trip to Reykjavik Iceland, where his mingling with other travelers left a big impression on Adam, leading him to rethink his life plan. He decided to rip-up his return flight to Boston and instead lead a 15-month excursion to a handful of countries, ranging from Morocco to Israel. His journey eventually led him to permanently settle in Berlin, Germany, where he manages his travel blog, listing his upcoming trips, travel tips, and past endeavors.

While we may not all be able to live the dream, Adam sure is. So the next time the doldrums of executive life get you down, take a look at Adams site. Who knows, maybe it will inspire your next big adventure.

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