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Author: | Last Updated: 20 May 2017

Travel With Kat - English travel blog

Having written for a host of websites and magazines over the years, UK travel blogger Kat Burrington gathered her previous articles together to found her own travel blog, ‘Travel with Kat (TWK)’. Somewhat naïve as to how addictive blogging could be, Kat is now a fully-fledged travel blogger who shares her advice and experiences of lands and cultures around the world. A keen photographer since the age of 10, Kat supplements her posts with an array of beautiful imagery.

Split into sub-sections each relating to a country that she has visited, Kat is very active on her blog, responding to every comment without fail. Along with the separation of her posts into different destinations, Kat also has sections on Responsible Tourism, Spa and Wellness and Markets Around The World. Eye-opening posts such as ‘Don’t fuel the orphanage industry in Nepal’ sit along more lighthearted articles like ‘My Favourite Things to Eat in Dubai’.

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