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Author: | Last Updated: 3 Sep 2016

Travel With Bender | Australian Travel Bloggers

This travel blog written by Australians Erin and Josh, takes an entirely new look at nomadic life. Instead of the typical solo traveller making a living off a travel blog, Travel with Bender is all about how the Erin and Josh Bender have taken their two small children Caius and Mia and travelled the world. With over 60 countries and 1000 posts completed since 2012, this inspiring blog makes it possible for any family to follow in the Benders’ footsteps.

Travel with Bender makes travelling with a family seem like a manageable task. With “Top Things to Do with Kids In…” features in every destination, it is not difficult to find adventures around every turn. Several articles discuss “Unusual Family Destinations,” which include Turkey, Jordan, Israel, and more. They also give real-time advice in their “Travel Hacks” section like “8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online & Devices Secure While Travelling.” They also tell how they have made money along the way to support their travel in dozens of articles entitled “Show Me The Money.”

Travel with Bender takes a new spin on Australian travel blogs. The Benders and their blog prove that having a family does not mean you have to put your travel dreams on hold.


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