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The Travel Tall blog is a travel blog created by a travel blogger, Eric Giuliani. Eric Giuliani is a writer, a traveler, a filmmaker as well as a photographer. Eric had initially struggled with his job and the feeling of not following one’s dream but in the spring of 2012, after Eric had received an extremely bad performance, he thought his way through living without accepting any limits. Although, he had a job but later quit and spent a year learning about tripods, camera, social media, verbs, nouns, backpacks, and he needed to make a good travel blogger. Eric defines what it means to travel tall to be taking whatever risk possibility needed to accomplish all you have ever long for or wanted. Eric has traveled to several places which include Cape Town, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Sudan to mention a few.

The first article on Travel Tall blog, written by Eric is one thrilling article about himself when he was about to give a presentation in one Miami Middle School. Other interesting articles you can find on this blog includes “Chines Challenges, It’s time to go” and lots more. Articles on this blog have been posted in chapters and are 28 chapters in all. Eric also has a section (Travel Videos and Travel Phots) for videos he had recorded and pictures he had taken while exploring the globe. So far, guests have found this blog educative, informative and inspiring.

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