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Author: | Last Updated: 7 Aug 2018

Travel Matters - Australian travel blogger

Gold Coast, Australia born Sophie shares her travel experiences through her blog ‘Travel Matters’. Currently living and working in London, her first travel challenge was to travel to ten countries in one year. Successfully achieving this feat, she is now calling London her base for the next two years. Balancing work and travel is her new challenge and through ‘Travel Matters’, she will share the journey as she goes along.

Her blog posts have an air of youth and excitement about them. Being a first-time traveller and in fact away from home for the first time too, Sophie writes her experiences with such passion and enthusiasm. Although very new to travel and the travel blogging world, Sophie has built quite a following. She has recently shared her destinations for this upcoming year and is asking for some input from her travel community to help shape her new year in travel.

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