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Author: | Last Updated: 13 Aug 2016

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The original Travel Mama was Colleen Lanin, author of an award winning book “The Travel Mama’s Guide”, but this travel blog now boasts 8 additional contributors who each have unique specialties. Unlike other sites on the internet, this blog is really more of a network of different intersecting stories, all under the umbrella of Travel Mamas. The term itself relates to the underlying concept incipient in the website, which is to help parents and children connect with each other and the world around them. In this way, this blog uniquely positions itself as an authority on travel as a family exercise, not reserved for the lonely nomad.

Aside from the family-centric nature of this site, it also has an impressive commercial side connected to travel gear. The site has its own amazon store, where interested travelers can purchase gear such as strollers, car seats, or other gear to make travel more kid-friendly. If purchasing is not your style, this site also features a rental section, showing you where and how to rent travel gear for babies or small children.

The TravelMama network of travel blogs and related topics really makes this site a powerful force in the travel blog sector, and fills the niche of guiding parents through setting up a family travel experience.

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