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Not so far away from its neighboring countries Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania lays a city named – Skopje. Skopje is the capital city of North Macedonia where a lot of people refer to it as the birthplace of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and humanitarian, Mother Theresa. The country has roughly 2 million citizens and almost half of the population lives in the capital. Skopje has controversially developed over the past years and has become a tourist attraction. Whether you are a solo traveller, couple, family, etc. these are the TOP 5 things in the city you’d not like to miss:

Matka Canyon

When you initially arrive at Matka, you can thoroughly give yourself in to the things you can do such as hiking, kayaking, taking the boat to the cave, or just walking along the canyon. Matka has risen over the top in the past years with its nature at its best. The Matka Canyon is famous for its underwater caves which are speculated to be one of the world’s deepest caves; and in case you want to experience them, this mesmerizing place offers you even scuba diving adventure, apart from everything we mentioned above you can do there.

Skopje Aquaduct

This place might be a little abandoned from the spotlight and out of the eye of the visitors, but its architecture and unknown history makes this place worth the visit. Its background is not really known but it is said that this place was built in VI century while others believe it was in XV century. It is long around 284 meters long with 54 pillars on it. The aqueduct is getting more and more visitors each year, where some refer to as the hidden treasure of the capital.

Vodno Mountain

Don’t you just love to have a mountain in the city where you live? With its 1066m peak, Vodno is the ideal soothing place for you. It has two frequent main spots – the middle of and the top of the mountain where you will see the 66 meters metal cross which lights up the city at night. There are numerous ways you can get to know this place; if you love biking then feel free to take either the road to the top or some of the trails through the forest. If you are a walker or a hiker, you can basically go through the same route as the bikes; there are maps that certainly tell you how steep one trail gets, so you can choose the level yourself. If you don’t feel anything like biking or hiking, you can enjoy the ride in the cable car that goes to the top in less than 7 minutes.

Old Bazaar

Want to pin start your journey? Then the Old Bazaar is the place to go, just across the Stone Bridge from the city square. They say it is the biggest bazaar in the Balkans. Not only that, but walking through the cobblestone streets in the bazaar will get you an experience to remember when you see all the different mix of colors of the flavor it’s gotten. One can spot its cultural heritage, with the predomination of the Ottoman architecture, but having in mind that the Byzantine style is present there, as well.

Skopje City Park

When you see it on the map, it is a big green spot covered in greenery. It is right next to the national Arena where a lot of concerts take place and serious sports tournaments. It is divided in two parts known as the New Part and Old Part; there’s not a single line dividing them literally, but when you go there, you will spot the transition from the one to the another part of the park. Moreover, just right next to the park you will find the Skopje ZOO, as well, which improved the home of the variety of animals that live there.

Author Bio: this city guide has been put together by Kristijan Petkovski, who himself was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia.

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