Travel Guide – Santorini, Greek Islands

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Travel Guide – Santorini Greek Islands

The Greek island of Santorini has been described as having more donkeys than people, more churches than houses and more wine than water, though you’ll have to discover these claims for yourself. The islands are very much a world of their own, with hundreds of white-washed buildings all huddled closely together perched on the edge of the volcanic cliffs.

The white colours on all of the buildings contrast beautifully with the blue of the Mediterranean and the blue domed roofs of the churches that are located all across the island. Visit Greece is the official tourism governing body of Greece, and has a huge range of ideas for things to see and do in Santori. Read on to discover what are our favorites …

Amoudi Bay Cliff Jumping

Jumping off a cliff into the clear waters of the Mediterranean may not appeal to everyone but for those seeking a little bit of an adrenalin rush then what’s stopping you?

The swimming spot at Amoudi Bay is an ideal location and if you don’t want to climb up the rocks you can just enter the water from the beach.

It is quite well hidden and you’ll need to climb a few steps, but the end result is well worth it. From Oia, you should look out for the big set of steps leading down to Amoudi Bay, at the bay turn left and continue along the cliff face. You will find the exact spot as there is sure to be plenty of people jumping into the sea while others are sunbathing on the hot rocks.

Winery Tours

Santorini is not only one of the best islands in Europe, but its wine industry is surprisingly among the best in Europe and perhaps a local secret. The volcanic soil helps to create an interesting flavour to the wine that is not found elsewhere. The vines here are grown in circles on the ground and not upright as is usual. They’re also are kept low to protect the crop against the strong winds that can sometimes appear out of nowhere.

You’ll find grapes to be used in wine production all over the island although some of the best are to be found in the centre of the island. Santo Wines in Pyrgos is the largest wine producer on Santorini and often considered to be the best.

Once you’re done touring, and you’re still pining for more information then visit the Wine Museum Koutsogiannopolous in Fira. It is located inside a cave and showcases the history of winemaking on the island, you also get to taste some wine during a tour.

Admission to Koutsogiannopolous Wine Museum is just 10 euro per person and is open from 9 til 4:30 during Winter and 11 til 5 during spring and 10 til 6 in summer.

Hire a Quad Bike

An exhilarating way to discover the island is by quad bike as you cruise along the roads of this beautiful island while taking in the sights. You can hire a quad bike for the day, they’re cheap and can be done on your driving license. It is a great way to get to places that the buses don’t go and is a lot more fun than sitting on a bus. If driving along the busier roads is a little daunting then you can just head to the beaches at Kamari or Perissa, the roads there are much quieter with very little traffic.

The Fira Trail

Hiking this route will give you some excellent photo opportunities as well give you some time out in nature. You will be hiking from Fira to Oia which should take around three hours going at a leisurely pace. The best time to do this hike is late in the day as it is somewhat cooler and you get the best chances of an amazing Instagram shot with the setting sun.

The Fira Trail is by far the best place to get a great look at the entire island and surrounding islands from above. The majority of the trail is a few hundred meters above sea level and gives completely uninterrupted views of the deep blue coloured sea and all of the yachts and boats in the water below.

Keep in mind that some parts of the trail are fairly rough and rocky, so wearing some quality sneakers is essential to keeping yourself safe and preventing slips and falls.

Kamari Beach

The volcanic history of Santorini has helped create some amazing beaches and Kamari beach is by far one of the best. It is located about 7km southeast of Fira on the east coast of the island and the black sandy beach is one of the largest. Off the beach, you will find the town of Kamari with numerous hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. Some of the best snaps you take here should include the backdrop of Mesa Vouno Hill at the southern end of the beach as well as the ancient site of Thira.

A Modern Day Pompeii

If you’re looking for a diverse and exhilarating Greek holiday, then be sure to move Santorini to the top of your list. It’s no surprise that the islands are favourites for celebrities like the Kardashians and Serhant’s as they offer some of the most diverse experiences from luxury food tours to rough and rugged quad biking and snorkelling.

Santorini has plenty of activities to offer visitors from cliff jumping to hiking or riding around the island. There is so much more to the island than what is covered here, you should visit Santorini and discover these activities for yourself.

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