Kinburn Spit – the seaside jewel of Ukraine

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The Kinburn Spit is a unique place, which is situated in the southern part of Ukraine (Mykolaiv oblast). The spit occupies the most western part of the peninsula of the same name. It is washed by salty (Black Sea) and freshwater (Dnieper–Bug estuary) basins at the same time. In the 15th century, the Turks built a fortress here, whose name formed the basis of the modern name. The fortress was destroyed during the Crimean War. Now, the Kinburn Spit is a fairly popular destination for interesting leisure activities.

Pokrovskoye Village

There are only a few settlements on the peninsula, the main and the nearest to the spit is Pokrovskoye village. You can buy seasonal fruits and vegetables from local residents, but there are several shops and mini-hotels here. In the recreation area of the Kinburn Spit, in there is a tent camp operating in the summer.

Today, most of the spit is occupied by beaches and steppes with wildflowers. There is a lot of lakes in the central part of the peninsula both fresh and salt, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests.

These lands are rich with salt deposits. There are the whole pools, reminding of Martian landscapes because of pink color. A ready-made background for atmospheric pictures on Instagram. The unusual shade comes from the Dunaliella salina: unique antioxidant microalgae. This is probably the only living organism that can survive in such a concentrated salt environment.

If the salt landscapes seem too lifeless, go to the coast. Here you will find the emerald sea, long white sand beaches, inhabited with gulls and cormorants, hunting on fish and mussels.

In May, you can see another unique natural phenomenon: the blooming of wild orchids on a massive scale. The natural field occupies almost 60 hectares. Just imagine a few million blooming flowers!

Most tourists choose Kinburn primarily because of beach tourism. Even nowadays, It is still not crowded here (you can walk along the sea for a couple of hours and not meet a living soul). The water is clean, the entrance to the sea is shallow.

Nature and Wildlife

  • photo hunting (underwater as well). You can catch blue jellyfish or a pair of sea birds, a quiet salt lake or endless steppes in just a day;
  • wildland hikes;
  • catching mussels, shrimps, and other edible seafood;
  • evening meditation: the sunsets here are simply indescribable;
  • windsurfing and kayaking;
  • snorkeling and diving.

Note: Diving is possible only if you have a license and your own gear because there are no diving centers in here.

However, If you’re a lucky diver, you can spot sea anemones, small sea predators and other beautiful underwater beings. In May, edible mushrooms appear in the forest part of the peninsula (especially, a lot of oil and white mushrooms which are very tasteful).


To feel all the delights of the Kinburn Spit, it is not necessary to live on the peninsula for a week. If you have only a day in your pocket, you will have time to:

  • drive into the village of Geroyskoye and see the old Cossack church. And if you find yourself on a spit at the end of August, you can try fish at the traditional festival;
  • stock up with healing salt;
  • see the islands and lakes of the Yagorlitsky Bay;
  • feel yourself a member of the Dakar rally and race through sand dunes;
  • swim in the sea and get a sunbath.

So, on the Kinburn Spit there is:

  • virgin nature;
  • wild beaches;
  • the cleanest sea in the region, in which dolphins and small sharks can often be found;
  • picturesque walking routes;
  • very low prices.

Things may change with time, but right now there are no luxury hotels, tourist resorts and other similar things on the Kinburn spit. It is a totally wild area with no commodity services, like public toilets and showers. However, if you are a huge fan of camping tourism, you will be totally shocked by the surrounding nature. Please note, that locals are poor English speakers, so if you want some kind of accompaniment, you have to fix it beforehand.

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