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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Jun 2019

Eric Stoen, the father behind ‘Travel Babbo’, is an American man based out of California. Eric has had the opportunity to visit over 80 countries and seven continents. He quit his job in 2014 to focus on his travel blog. Eric got the urge to travel starting at a young age when he had the opportunity to visit Europe and the South Pacific. He now travels with his family of five (him, his wife, and his three children). ‘Travel Babbo’ is a great, family-oriented blog where he details his travels as a family. This is an excellent blog for people who want to make family travel easier.

Eric is a very impressive writer and photographer and was recognized by Conde Nast in 2012 for the ‘Photo of the Year’. He was even named ‘The World’s #4 Travel Influencer’ by CNN. When you read his engaging stories, you begin to understand why.

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