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Author: | Last Updated: 10 Dec 2016

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Tots to Travel takes a unique spin on a traditional family travel blog website and has created a business out of “crafting perfect family holidays.” After a bad experience with a child falling into a pool on a family vacation, the founder, Wendy, built Tots to Travel—a villa and cottage company that locates the safest and most ideal locations in the UK and Europe for a safe, family-friendly holiday.

Built in 2006, the company seeks out the most idyllic locations and then actually travels there to ensure the safety and peaceful nature of the villa or cottage. They even leave a Child & Baby Kit to enable you to travel without as much baggage. The very comprehensive site sorts vacations by location, safety features, and children’s ages to give you the easiest search options possible. On top of this, they provide a list of family-friendly destinations and plenty of Family Holiday Advice.

Though less of a family travel blog and more of a family travel planner, Tots to Travel helps you to consider all of the aspects that must go into travelling with small children. They have built amazing vacations starting with the source—the safety and happiness of you and your family.

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