To Europe and Beyond

Author: | Last Updated: 17 Aug 2016

Though the name of this travel blog has Europe in the title, it is really more of an international guide than limited to the confines of the old world. Marie-Eve Vallieres started To Europe and Beyond after quitting her data entry job in Montreal and moving to England for a year. It was that trip which would begin her journey as an adventure junkie, and full-time travel blogger. The name of the blog borrows from this initial inspiration for her work, explaining that North-Western Europe has become a second home to her, and draws her back even from the furthest reaches of the globe.

On a first visit to the site, the best way to start is probably in the “Best Of” section. Here, travel blogger Marie-Eve has a list of her favorite and most popular posts. The topics of these blog posts are as varied as the countries she’s visited, ranging from tips on how to stay in Europe without a visa, to an editorial on being a married woman traveling without her husband.

This site is dynamic and functional, blending witty analysis of the travel experience with thought-ful explanations of personal experiences, all the while staying true to Marie-Eve’s credo: that travel can be “Empowering and Safe, and Luxurious yet Sensible.”

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