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Author: | Last Updated: 12 Nov 2016

Tin Box Traveller - Family Travel Blog

Tin Box Traveller is a dedicated family travel blog for holidays, days out, and adventures. Written by Claire, it is ranking the Top 10 Family Travel Blogs and follows her experiences travelling with two kids and cycling-obsessed husband. Claire’s family has traversed what seems like every corner of the UK—and written tales about it all!

Tin Box Traveller has a similar layout to other travel blogs by grouping holidays, days out, and general travel tips into groups. From there, it is easy to find anything you are looking for. For instance, read about glamping (glamourous camping) with a family under the “Holiday” section. Then pop over to “Days out” and read about the perfect days in France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Finally, hit up the Travel Tips & Gear for posts like “Health travel checklist: be prepared on holiday,” and “Travel with babies and toddlers: essential kit list.”

Claire has complemented her fun writing style with cute pictures of herself and her family throughout their travels on the family travel blog website. The Tin Box Traveller is a great stop for families looking for ideas on unique experiences, primarily in England, but in various European locations as well.

Family Travel Blog: tinboxtraveller.co.uk

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