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Author: | Last Updated: 2 Sep 2016

time travel turtle | Australian Travel Blogger

Michael Turtle quit his job in broadcast journalist at age 30 and began travelling the world as an Australian travel blogger with his self-named blog, Time Travel Turtle. Originally from Sydney, Michael now considers himself a resident of the world. What differentiates Time Travel Turtle is its unique look at destinations not just as tourist attractions, but as places to explore culture and find the stories behind the people who make the place great.

Time Travel Turtle is organised by both Country and Theme (i.e. War, Weird, Culture, Luxury, Nature, etc.) and allows readers to locate any topic they find interesting with ease. It is easy to see that Michael searches for authentic travel activities, and calls it like he sees it when experiences are not up to par. “The Lake Swamped with Tourism” is one such post, which depicts how tourism has actually had a harmful effect on authentic tours of Inle Lake in Myanmar. On a lighter note, Time Travel Turtle also describes amazing moments that most tourist never seek out like when he describes his visit to the all-female community of Flemish Beguinages in his post “Girl Power in Medieval Belgium.”

A very high-tech and aesthetically appealing Australian travel blog, Time Travel Turtle has amazing counters sporadically placed detailing Michael’s travels. With 50 countries under his belt in four years, he has come to tell 600 different stories and counting.

Website: timetravelturtle.com

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