Author: | Last Updated: 15 Feb 2018 is a travel blog written by Sophie Biggerstaff. Sophie has travelled to over 20 countries worldwide, and is using theineffabletravels to document her trips. She writes blog posts containing travel tips and guides on all of the places she has visited, as well as a few random life posts every now and again.

Sophie was born in the UK and currently resides in London, where she works as a fashion buyer. Her travel bug kicked in back in 2014 when she went on a 6 month adventure around the world. Since then her passion for travel has only grown stronger and she spends the majority of her spare time travelling. Sophie also spent some time living and working in Italy and now travels a lot with her current job, visiting New York on a regular basis. Some of the countries Sophie has visited includes: Spain, France, Croatia, France, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Montenegro, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Singapore & Bali. This year Sophie is hoping to tick off some more destinations on her bucket list, starting with Portugal, so keep an eye out for a post on Lisbon, coming soon…

Sophie started writing theineffabletravels in 2017. Having used travel blogs as her main source of research when planning her own trips, Sophie decided to start writing about her own travel experiences. She hopes theineffabletravels will inspire and advise like minded travellers who are planning their next adventures. The name of the blog came from the word ineffable which is an adjective with the meaning: “utterly indescribable; too good to be expressed in words” – A feeling that Sophie has experienced on many of her trips.

One destination that Sophie would describe as “ineffable”, is Bali. She spent 2 amazing weeks travelling through Bali last year with her boyfriend. She loved the beauty of the landscape, the friendly Balinese people and most of all the famous Bali sunsets. She would class Bali as being her favourite destination she has travelled to to date. You can read all about her trip to Bali on theineffabletravels!

The one thing Sophie loves the most about travelling is meeting new people, she loves meeting people from all over the world, and keeps in touch with lots of fellow travellers on social media. You can connect with Sophie & follow theineffabletravels via the links below…

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Below are some favourite photos from some of Sophie’s adventures:


theineffabletravels - Sophie in LA

theineffabletravels – Sophie in LA


theineffabletravels - Bali Sunset in Canggu

theineffabletravels – Bali Sunset in Canggu


theineffabletravels - New York Skyline

theineffabletravels – New York Skyline


theineffabletravels - Sophie in Venice Italy

theineffabletravels – Sophie in Venice Italy

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