The Wanderlust Within

Author: | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Born and bred in London, Roshni is the driving force behind The Wanderlust Within. This travel blogger from the UK loves to hike, arts and crafts, photography and is a self-professed adrenaline junkie. She loves climbing, especially volcanoes, and has accepted that her passion will always leave her covered in bruises. So far, she has visited 75 countries and keeps a spreadsheet that is her guide to travel. She started The Wanderlust Within as a way to share her travel stories and tips with the rest of the world.

From Asia to South America to the United States, The Wanderlust Within offers readers plenty of information on the places Roshni has visited. She also has a section on destination travel, which includes things like winter destinations and water vacations. She rounds out the site with inspirational quotes about the various places she has traveled that she collected from other travelers. The Wanderlust Within is a fun blog site that gives other travelers great ideas of things to do.

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