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Author: | Last Updated: 25 May 2017

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Having honed his writing skills as the Travel Editor of Felix, the weekly newspaper of Imperial College London, Dylan Lowe is the English travel blogger behind The Travelling Editor. Recognised for his editorial work by a number of institutions – The Guardian Student Media Awards just one of those to commend his work – Dylan currently resides in London. The urge to travel, however, is a strong one so – despite hosting a supper club where he can evoke memories of foreign lands through his cooking – the temptation is often too much.

It’s easy to see why Dylan has well and truly caught the travel bug. A quick peruse through his blog will reveal trips to a number of vastly different destinations, with vastly different experiences to boot. Whether that’d be canyon swinging in New Zealand – ‘The Canyon-Swung Dislodgement’ – or culinary pursuits in Vietnam – ‘Hue: Quest for the perfect Bun Bo Hue’, the juxtaposition of beautiful imagery and vivid recollections of his adventures is sure to enthrall any travel-inclined reader.

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