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Author: | Last Updated: 30 Apr 2017

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The Travelista Jess Gibson, is an English travel blogger that provides us with the most stylish travel inspiration through her honest, chatty and unpretentious blog writing skills. Living between Leeds and London, Jess provides us with tips, reviews, itineraries and recommendations on what we should be doing while traveling to help to make your trip amazing. After quitting her full time job in social media, she pursued a career in travel blogging, living the dream and helping the rest of us find out feet when traveling. The collaboration of conversational content and her photos are an elegant mix to encourage her audience to dream big for their travel.

Her blog on ‘The ultimate travel itinerary for Guatemala’ is one that caught my attention, coffee capital of the world, of course it caught my attention. This merged with the stunning colors in her photos from the local area and the experiences that she had throughout her time there makes this an attractive location to visit, between the unique beauty of the country, down to her boutique hotels. Her itinerary for Guatemala is informative and exciting, she writes in a friendly way that makes her audience feel that they are on this journey with her.

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