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Author: | Last Updated: 22 Aug 2019

Hi! I’m Emily and I’m a missionary kid and military brat that grew up in Asia and have been traveling since age 1 thanks to my adventurous parents, so wanderlust is in my blood.  I started The Planking Traveler blog a little over a year ago to share about my two main passions – travel and fitness.  As you might guess, you can find me planking in each new place I visit as you, with the ultimate goal of planking on every continent.  Thus far, I have 3 continents covered, 30 countries and 33 states.  My favorite place I have visited would be either Montenegro or Morocco – they’re both so fascinating in different ways!

Drawing on my degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I share about ways to stay fit with outdoor activities and unique free workouts around the world, and how to optimize your nutrition to boost your immunity both at home and on the go. After struggling with serious health issues for several years, I learned the importance of embracing healthy living both at home and on my travels, which is one of the main reasons I started my blog.

The other main focus of my blog is sharing ways you can afford to travel with only a few simple changes to your habits.  I specialize in budget travel, recommending the best flight deals, hostels, Airbnbs, and even FREE places to stay in many cities around the world.  I provide a wide variety of travel consultation services including itinerary creation, packing lists, travel guides and details on how to obtain Passports and Visas.

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