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Author: | Last Updated: 21 Apr 2018

The Pin The Map Project - travel blog

The Pin The Map Project is a very versatile travel blog, featuring all sorts of travel (solo, couples, group, etc) from, literally, all corners of the world. Nikki, a 29-year-old travel journalist based in New York City, has been writing about animal rights, global politics, and other peculiar themes, as well as travel-related topics. There’s a documentary approach to her writing – probably inherited from her experience as an editor – that makes her style stand out.

The “Inspiration” tab is a great place to (literally) be inspired. It features a bunch of how-to guides together with some of her perspectives over a life on the road. For those interested in beginning a career as travel writers – or simply sharing stories – there’s a whole section named “Become A Travel Writer”, which provides the reader with resources and tips on how to get started in the niche.

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