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Author: | Last Updated: 3 Dec 2016

The Pigeon Pair and Me - Family Travel Blog

This London-based family travel blog website chats about all things trendy and fresh for families living in England’s capitol. Written by Nell, a freelance writer and editor, it traces the best days out, toys and books for travel, and family adventures in London. With two kids (the pigeons) and her husband, Nell uses The Pigeon Pair and Me to impart all the inspiration and wisdom she has gathered from keeping life interesting with her family.

A great place to start on The Pigeon Pair and Me is in the “London” category. It is a huge resource for family-friendly ideas in the city. “48 ideas for unmissable summertime family fun in London” lists out the top activities to enjoy during the warmest season in England. Meanwhile, Nell also covers loads of arts and culture activities fit for families in London such as “Easter shows for London families” and several monthly arts and culture round-ups listing the best on-trend shows and exhibits happening across the city for families.

The Pigeon Pair and Me is a must-read family travel blog for anyone planning to spend time in the capitol city with their family. Its up-to-date information keeps the days out lively and current for everyone to enjoy.

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