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Author: | Last Updated: 5 Apr 2017

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The ‘Insatiable Traveler’ travel blog is one that allows your imagination to run away with her to the countries that she visits. Through a collaboration of vision and words, Michigan girl Susan Portnay takes us along with her on her journey, hoping that she will inspire others to travel and to engage with the world. And that she does. Visiting the exotic, seeking to find the best of the most authentic cultures, through their wildlife, history and sights. With a mission of trying to capture the ‘perfect shot’ she has found this to be an addictive challenge.

Her blog, ‘Postcard: Bonding with children in Bhutan’ captures the simplicity of the joy that children carry when they are in their natural habitat of play. No matter what nationality they are, children come alive in these moments. This post shows that often, actions are far more superior than being able to speak the same language. ‘A Berber sunrise in the Sahara Desert’ shows the true natural beauty of a place that is so vast that our minds can often not even fathom it. The way Susan describes her experience definitely excites a genuine interest in wanting to create an experience for yourself.

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