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The bike enthusiast Pablo, who owns “the crazy travel” travel blog, began his adventure on 2011 in Greece, as it was originally intended to be a series of short travels throughout the year. He’s done more than 20,000 km and has been in 25 different countries by doing autostop and taking shelter with couchsurfing all along until 2014, when he finally decided to travel the rest of the planet riding his bicycle beside her Lithuanian partner Ilze. They intend to quest this way for as long as needed and without any bustle, so they can soak themselves in the local lifestyle of every borderline of the world they can pedal to.

Their traveled territories are: Singapore, Malays, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, England, Morocco, China, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Istanbul, Thailand, Bangkok, Cambodia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, UK, Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

Even though they have some autostop and backpacking themed guides, they are devoted to promote bicycle touring. A reason behind this as described in “the point behind a cheap & long bike excursion”, is that it will make you change your perspective as you really experience every bit of the road and by doing this you will improve your self-reliance.

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