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Author: | Last Updated: 2 Jul 2016

The Common Wanderer - Travel Blog

The Common Wanderer is an interesting travel blog run by two Australian duos: Mark and Miranda. They were friends for 6 years and have been dating for 3 years. Mark and Miranda started off to explore after quitting their jobs. They have been to 47 countries, climbed Kilimanjaro and have hiked Mount Everest Base camp. They have also been to the Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls, and dug deep into history. A family trip to America and Australia was Mark’s first adventure when he was a five year old boy and had been on five continents so far. Miranda’s first step on a foreign soil was when she was in high school during a tour to Nanjing, China.

The Common Wanderer blog centers on places and locations the duo have been to, facts about those places, and some interesting things happening there. Our travel bloggers Mark and Miranda share quick guides to places like Kathmandu, Phnom Penh and 24 hours in Vientiane. There’s also a quick guide to Turkey which talks about amazing things you must do in Turkey. The page has a TIPS + HACKS tab which contains useful tips for helping travelers to achieve their dreams. “How we saved to travel the world” is an interesting article written by Mark and Miranda telling how they gathered money and maintained the costs even during the cause of traveling around the world. Others include “Getting Sick on the Road and Surviving, Eight Things to Consider before You Travel, and How to Travel as a Couple and Still Love Each Other Afterwards”.

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