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Kiersten typifies the perfect travel blogging fairytale story – She once worked a corporate job in Hollywood, California but then grew tired of the mundane lifestyle and stress, and in 2011 quit it all and took the chance to pursue her wanderlust. From there the only way was forward and Kiersten soon took her travels to far-flung destinations and built The Blonde Abroad travel brand. Today she spends at least 9 months on the road and has a team of budding entrepreneurs who help maintain her blog. Kiersten is also a true philanthropist and has donated large sums of money to worthwhile charities and organizations such as Peruvian Hearts.

Traveling is now an ingrained part of Kiersten’s mantra and she has visited over 50 countries including Brazil, Iceland, Jordan, New Zealand and Belize. Particularly memorable events include escaping to a hidden paradise on the coast of Costa Rica, skydiving at 12,000 feet in Queenstown, New Zealand, and exploring the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Kiersten has a love for adventure activities and The Blonde Abroad has a dedicated section that lists different experiences such as diving and cycling. Furthermore, she offers a variety of tips on solo travel, budget travel, and female travel.

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