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Author: | Last Updated: 22 Aug 2016

The Barefoot Nomad | Travel Blog

Charles and Micki Kosman are young, fun, and successful. They have two children, Cole and Jordan, who they take along on adventures! This blog is a MUST-READ for anyone who is planning to travel with little ones or needs some inspiration to do so! Charles and Micki’s main focus is on Southeast Asia but they have plenty to offer for all locations. Back in 2013 they sold their permanent home and along with their two angels set forth on an amazing world tour, 2 months in Mexico, 2 months in Costa Rica, a few months in the US etc etc. These Canadian bloggers have managed to combine family life and nomad life and it is absolutely beautiful. The best part is that they have so many articles on how YOU can do the same. Check out their site for tech reviews, recipes, overall advice on airfare, insurance, jobs, and even travel philosophy.

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