The Aussie Flashpacker

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Jul 2018

The Aussie Flashpacker - travel blog

Although as the name suggests, ‘The Aussie Flashpacker’ is actually made up of English boy Dan and his Australian wife, Simone. Based in Australia, this travel blogging duo have graduated from the backpacking life to more luxury and lifestyle. Falling in love whilst travelling South America, this duo was always set for a life of love and travel.

With six continents ticked off on their list, their expansive list of destinations is inspirational. With over twenty years of travel experience between them, Simone and Dan come bearing many valuable sources of travel knowledge and inspiration. Their blog is comprehensive and so detailed, they break down the essentials of travel and lifestyle. The best feature of this travel blog is the interactive bucket list, where before your own eyes you can see the list of everything they have achieved and those they still plan to tick off. This is a blogging duo of epic proportions and it is a testament to their dedication to travel.

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