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Author: | Last Updated: 14 Dec 2020

Nicky, a travel blogger from England, started That Anxious Traveler in an effort to help people who have anxiety learn how to travel, well, anxiety free. She has made it a point to learn how to travel the world and rediscover it. Based in the UK, her blog documents the steps she took to regain her confidence when it comes to traveling. She felt it would help others overcome their own travel anxieties while enjoying photographs, tips, chats, funny anecdotes and more on her website.

That Anxious Traveler offers content that helps travelers start close to home. For example, Nicky offers a blog post that outlines 10 places around London to see to help anxious travelers get out and about. Nicky has an extensive section on tips to overcoming anxiety, from having the best flight to phone apps that will help you travel safely. It is a great place to start if you want to get out in the world and expand your horizons without letting anxiety drag you down.

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