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Author: | Last Updated: 22 Jul 2016

Teacake Travels - Travel Blog

Beautiful, British, and bubbly…. Teacake Travels is a travel blog written by a wonderful soul by the name of Alice Nettleingham. Her blog is well organized and she has been EVERYWHERE! To name a few of the places she’s been: Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, China and the list keeps going.

Bravery is something not easy to come by, and by golly is this girl brave. Alice’s focus is solo female travel, so needless to say…. if you are planning a solo trip then she is your go-to girl. Her advice and tips are empowering, inspiring, and best of all, down to earth. She is originally from England and has a great way of making her articles clear, to the point, and oh so humorous.

Her traveling secret? Teaching English abroad! Before her travel blogger days Alice was working in Psychology, living in Brighton, and had had a sense something was missing. Perhaps this is where fate stepped in when she met a friendly stranger on the train and opened Pandora ’s Box on teaching English abroad. Her blog features extensive knowledge on everything you need to know about becoming a teacher overseas. She has plenty of information on tons of locations throughout Europe as well as pretty much anywhere you can think of! If you’re planning a day trip, needing safety advice, got teaching ESL questions, or simply want to read a cool story I suggest heading over to TeacakeTravels.com to get a dose of this awesome information.

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