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Voyaging Herbivore

We’re Jack and Alysa, two vegans with a passion for traveling and photography. Voyaging Herbivore was started by Alysa in late 2016, after scheduling her upcoming trip to China and […]

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Journey Beyond The Horizon

Journey Beyond the Horizon is a travel blog, focused on the geographical explorer’s passion and travel adventures. It presents some famous and popular destinations, but only from the geographical and […]

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Backpacking In China - travel blog

Backpacking in China

BackpackingInChina is a travel blog that specializes in backpacking trips throughout China.  It provides expert, insightful and budget tips on travelling throughout China.  The blog is run by four backpackers, […]

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Travel Guide – Beijing China

Travel Guide – Beijing, China

As the capital of China, travellers should expect great things from Beijing. Located not far from China’s Yanshan mountains, the city is home to more than 20 million people and […]

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