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Author: | Last Updated: 16 Jun 2017

Sophie On Track - English Travel Blogger

Somewhat of a niche blog, is concerned solely with travel by train and so is authored fittingly by train enthusiast Sophie Collard, a travel blogger from England. Offering up a plethora of tips and advice about train travel in countries around the world, Sophie has perfected the ‘art’ and provides, through her posts, a definitive list of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of rail travel. Having undertaken train journeys since an early age – and having done so throughout the world – Sophie is best placed to point out the advantages and disadvantages of any number of train journeys.

Though a number of the posts concern advice about train travel and the cheapest ways to travel – ‘Break your Journey, do some Split Ticketing | Sightseeing for Less’ being just one example – and news of rail ticket promotions, there are an array of interesting posts about rail travel as an ‘experience’. The ‘Conversations on the Train’ series of posts offers up insights into not only Sophie’s experience but those of her fellow passengers, each with their own unique take on rail travel.

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