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Slow Vegan Travel - Anglo Italian travel blog

Slow Vegan Travel is a travel blog that focuses on low and budget travel.  The blog is operated by Dale and Franca, an Anglo-Italian couple.  Dale Davies is a Brit who loves discovering new cultures as well as meeting new people.  Franca Calabretta, on the other hand, is a Southern Italian traveler who loves discovering traditional and local meals and animals.  The duo was inspired into traveling by their desire to have an excellent tour without spending excessively.

Dale and Franca have traveled through Asia and Europe.  They have covered such countries as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Serbia, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia, France and Germany among others.  They share several notable memories, including visiting the oldest free music festival in Europe, supporting the modern Art in Sarajevo and walking the city walls of Dubrovnik among others.

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