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The Argentinian travel blogger Veronica Boned Devesa is the not so rich, not so valiant nor that social jet-setter and author of ”Sin mapa”, a women friendly travel blog where she seeks to encourage and provide guidance for rookie, spanish speaking travelers that want to travel solo. She has achieved a wide experience in this concern by the try and failure method since 1998, when she decided to make a pause to her bachelor degree of science in communication so she could try and see the world in a one year travel going from Europe, some states of USA and finally the north of Africa.

Her complete list of visited countries is conformed by Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

Amidst travel stories, various useful guides and hacks that cope with everything relating to travel + woman matters, there are this fantastic picks: “12 holiday breakout ideas” for those spare days when you want to try a contrasting route whichever you are across South America or Europe and “why traveling is investing in oneself” where she enunciates how the experiences that you acquire through your travel(s) can help you evolve your mindset in a unique way as you enrich your own perspective with the influence of the different cultures you get in touch with.

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