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Author: | Last Updated: 3 Jul 2016

She Goes Global - Travel Blog

She Goes Global is a luxury travel blog created and run by a digital nomad, Heather Ditmars. Heather Ditmars views the world as a playground which she must also explore and encourage others to join too. She loves music and she’s always been moved and inspired by arts specifically seeing people craft out beautiful things from the luxuries of their mind. Heather hopes to share all the interesting moments, laughs and knowledge as she travels around the world through the She Goes Global blog. She has always moved with one mission: to drop behind normalcy and encourage others to go global. Heather’s country count after starting out from the USA in August 2015 is 16 including Spain, Portugal, and France. Heather’s goal is to visit 20 countries by August 2016.

She Goes Global blog has a section where Heather features 3-5 women from all around the globe who have special and interesting stories to share on how they are going about their travel dreams. There is a column on the blog which contains Recent Posts, Top Posts and Pages, and What Readers are Saying concerning every posted article on the blog. Heather talks about how to save costs for flight travels and how to get the best flight deals in her article “Travel Hacking: Cheap Flights”. Guests can also find interesting and educative articles on this blog which includes Life Is Better from a Global Perspective, Top 2016 Summer Destinations, and I Skipped My Flight”. Heather has a section, “Travel Hacks” where she shares amazing insights which she had learnt from other travelers to help people ease their way and get through with costs along fulfilling their travel dreams.

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