Seeking the Spanish Sun

Author: | Last Updated: 4 Apr 2018

Perri Johnson is the sun seeker behind the travel blog Seeking the Spanish Sun. Along with her boyfriend Brad, Perri is on a mission to explore Spain in search of the perfect place, to rest her itchy feet and finally call home.

Perri’s urge to escape a life of routine in the UK found her spending her 20’s working overseas in hospitality jobs across Europe. She lived in Cyprus, Greece, Scotland, France and Holland. While spending her free time backpacking through Australia, New Zealand, India, South East Asia and Central America.

With happy memories of childhood holidays, Perri felt drawn to Spain. Quickly falling in love with the country and realising there was so much to take in, she decided to write about everything she sees and share it with others.

Seeking the Spanish Sun travel blog was started in September 2017 with the aim of sharing real life experiences and passing on useful travel guides and information about Spain. Perri is currently living in Madrid, a great city base from which to travel and explore the country.

Perri says the best thing about blogging about Spain is the amazing variety within the country. Every region of Spain is different from the next and it’s full of history, culture and traditions. Add to that beautiful scenery, delicious food and idyllic beaches and there is always something to write about.

At Seeking the Spanish Sun, Perri blogs about what she finds during her exploration of Spain, gives a little insight into life there, plus travel tips and advice for anyone visiting Spain.

Seeking the Spanish Sun - boat trip in Ibiza Balearic Islands

boat trip in Ibiza Balearic Islands

Seeking the Spanish Sun - Corralejo beach in Fuerteventura Canary Islands

Corralejo beach in Fuerteventura Canary Islands

Seeking the Spanish Sun - spanish tapas spread in Madrid

Spanish tapas spread in Madrid

Seeking the Spanish Sun - streets of Nerja on the Costa del Sol

streets of Nerja on the Costa del Sol

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