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Author: | Last Updated: 28 Jul 2016

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From Mexico, Sergio Sala graduated from architecture, currently is an entrepreneur, writer, web designer and full time digital nomad. His travel blog Se Leyenda spurs the dream to live outside the status quo, to enjoy life on your own terms and doing so to forge your own legend. With the aid of online seminars, suggested tools of the trade and recommended reading materials to name a few.

He offers guidance on a variety of topics related to help you work your way as an independent self-employed travelling individual with freelance basics, tips on assembling your “legendary list” which is conformed by your all time goals, the importance of managing your time, how to find your life passions and 101 on making your own business.

Among the eye popping articles are: “what means to be free”, outlines the unimagined deal of discipline and responsibility behind managing your freelance lifestyle, “the man who went through 193 territories for cheap” done by the blogger of “the art of non-conformity” Chris Guillebeau who had to hack the travel system by doing more with less, making priorities, sniping offers, taking advantage of hotel’s promos and with frequent travel free miles and other credit card bonuses.

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