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Author: | Last Updated: 13 Jun 2019

Say Yes to Madeira is not a typical travel blog. Although I love travelling and discovering new places, on my blog, I focus only on one stunning archipelago that has a special place in my heart…
My blog, Say Yes To Madeira started in May 2018. I love writing and I had been thinking about opening a blog for many years… but never had enough courage to do so. The date 21.10.2017 changed it all. On that day, I exchanged wedding vows in a stunning seaside venue on Madeira, together with my closest family and friends. Over 20 foreign guests from all over the world came to this small island in the Atlantic Ocean just to be there with us.

My great destination wedding adventure inspired me to start a blog focusing on and mixing subjects of travel and destination weddings on two Portuguese Islands: Madeira and Porto Santo. Although I am not Portuguese, I keep coming back to Madeira, exploring it bit by bit each time and sharing my pictures and adventures with others.

You are welcome on my blog if you would like to know more about the island or prepare for your trip. You will find there a lot of beautiful pictures, hotel and attraction reviews as well as tips, such as a 3-post series “Madeira on a budget”. My most recent series about the Madeira Flower Festival is probably one of my favourite ones. I enjoyed a lot participating in the beautiful Flower Parade 2019 and I hope with all my heart that my pictures and videos inspired some of you to consider visiting Madeira next spring.

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