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I’ve always loved listening to other travellers. I’d be enthralled by the stories of their journeys and destinations. I’d also submerse myself in blogs and books about adventurous travels, whether it be fact or fiction.

As a child, we listened to my god-parent’s stories and drooled over slides about exotic places that they visited, such as Hong Kong or Europe. They would then produce their souvenirs and we’d be fascinated by them. This was when I dreamt of distant places that I one day hoped to visit.

Over the years that passion for travelling and exploring has been fulfilled to a certain extent and we have been fortunate enough to venture to a number of destinations.

One day shortly after a two-week overland trip through Zimbabwe in 2012, I read a travel blog and it dawned on me that I had a few stories of my own to tell. Since then I dabbled as a part time blogger and social media entrepreneur. I wrote about our travels on a communal travel blog site. After a while I had a vision to launch my own website. After extensive research and planning, I took the plunge and Roaming Fox was launched in July 2017.

I live in South Africa, so naturally many of our travels are through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. A vast amount of those are camping trips, overland trips and some quick getaways. Majority of the trips are my husband and I, but occasionally it includes family or friends.

We’ve also flitted to the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the UAE. We have also had extensive island and beach holidays, in Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand and the Comoros. Some of them have been at resorts but others have been charters on a yacht. We’ve even had live aboard diving holidays on the Red Sea in Egypt.

It is extremely difficult to choose a trip that stood out for me, because each one is so unique. We embrace what we can from each situation, whether it be a laid-back resort holiday or an adventurous overland trip.

I would have to say the turning point of our travels was our first trip to Madagascar. The destination was exotic, the accommodation unusual and the experience vastly different from many aspects. We’d chartered a yacht and as a family of four, spent ten days sailing around the north western islands and spent four days on land. We learnt to dive, were exposed to some culture and experienced our first live-aboard holiday.

Although our travels were usually short, it never lessened the adventure. It wasn’t just getting to the destination. It was and is always the anticipation and the preparation as well as the excitement ahead of the trip. Equally it’s the experience during the trip. Sometimes it was the ridicule of the situation or the anxious moments we found ourselves in. These are the facts and fables I share with my readers. Naturally I not only tell travel stories of the past. I’m always willing to tick off my overflowing bucket list and venture further into the world, as long as the budget allows it.

Our next venture will be our annual pilgrimage to Mozambique for a camping holiday, and by no means glamping. In the future I would love to visit Germany again. It is my dream to experience the Christmas markets and celebrate the festive season in the northern hemisphere. I also wouldn’t mind doing an overland trip through Australia. Then again, a Round-the-World trip sounds exciting, but I have a suspicion that will stay a dream.


Below are some stunning photos of places visited by the author at Roaming Fox travel blog:

Roaming Fox - Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon 

Roaming Fox - Canal boat UK

Canal boat UK


Roaming Fox - Elephant



Roaming Fox - Makgadigadi Kubu Island

Makgadigadi Kubu Island


Roaming Fox - Phuket vendor

Phuket vendor


Roaming Fox - Phuket



Roaming Fox - Table Mountain

Table Mountain


Roaming Fox - Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls


Roaming Fox - Warthog


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